USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

Wisconsin at sea, c.1990. Note the box launchers for the Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles installed midships. US Navy photo, in the collection of the US Navy History & Heritage Command.

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USS Wisconsin (BB-64) was commissioned in April, 1944, but didn't make it into combat until that December, supporting continuing operations in the Philippines. She spent the remainder of the War supporting strikes and landings throughout Asiatic waters, from French Indochina to Japan, and was part of the American occupation force in Japan. Wisconsin spent 1947 as a training ship, before she was placed in reserve the following year. She was reactivated for service in Korea, and provided gunfire support for the UN forces ashore. She resumed work as a training ship post-War, and was decommissioned again in March, 1958. Wisconsin was reactivated and modernized as part of Reagan's 600-ship navy program in the 1980s, and she was deployed to the Persian Gulf along with USS Missouri during the first Gulf War in 1990-91. Wisconsin had the distinction of having Iraqi ground forces surrender to her spotter drone on the night of 23 February, 1991. She decommissioned for the final time 30 September, 1991, and is currently under the care of the city of Norfolk, VA, as a museum ship.

Bonus Photos

Damage to Wisconsin's bow after colliding with USS Eaton on 6 May, 1956. Wisconsin was repaired using the bow of her incomplete sister Kentucky, resulting in the nickname "Wisky". US Navy photo.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: After witnessing the effectiveness of the Wisconsin's 16" fire support, a Saudi marine commander was heard to comment over the radio "I wish we had a battleship in our navy."