USS New Orleans (CL-22)

New Orleans in 1898 after commissioning. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Laid Down

Laid down for Brazil by Armstrong in 1895 as the protected cruiser Amazonas, this ship was purchased by the US Navy while under construction and completed as the USS New Orleans. She was commissioned on 18 March, 1898, and was sent to operate off Cuba with the Flying Squadron, but missed the Battle of Santiago. In October, 1899, New Orleans was deployed to join the Asiatic Squadron, serving as the flagship of the Cruiser Squadron until relieved by USS Baltimore in 1904. New Orleans then returned to the US, and decommissioned the following year. Recommissioning in 1909, she returned to the Far East in 1910, until she was retired again in 1912. Recommissioned again in 1913, she was sent to patrol the Mexican coast during their revolution. She was overhauled after US entry into World War I, and sent to the Atlantic, for the first time since her first deployment to the Asiatic Squadron, for convoy duty. She was sent back to the Pacific in January, 1918, and supported Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. New Orleans received the hull number CL-22 in 1921, as part of the US Navy's new classification system. She was decommissioned for good on 16 November, 1922, and was sold for scrapping on 11 February, 1930.