USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8)

Lynde McCormick underway in 1974. Note the ASROC launcher between the funnels amidships. Photo in the collection of the US National Archives and Records Administration.

Ship Type
Laid Down

USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8) was laid down 4 April, 1958. A guided missile destroyer of the Charles F. Adams class, she commissioned 3 June, 1961, and was assigned to the Pacific Fleet. Operating out of San Diego, McCormick was deployed to Vietnam just days after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, escorting carriers on station off the coast. A subsequent deployment saw her in action against Vietcong shore positions in the Mekong Delta, and providing further gunfire support northwards along the coast. McCormick underwent a major overhaul from October, 1966-March, 1967, and interrupted her refresher training to rescue a sick crewman from the freighter 88 Pacific Comet that May. In June, 1972, McCormick was back off Vietnam, where she engaged Vietnamese small boats with machine gun fire after they attacked USS Turner Joy. She was assigned to Operation Praying Mantis in April, 1988, and participated in the attack on the Iranian Sassan oil platform in the Persian Gulf on the 18th. Later in the day, she warded off an attack by Iranian F-4 Phantom IIs by locking on to them with her radar. She escorted a US oiler and a Scandinavian freighter out of the Gulf two days later, without incident. McCormick was decommissioned 1 October, 1991, and was expended as a target during exercises in 2001.