USS Chevalier (DD-451)

Chevalier preparing for the invasion of North Africa in October, 1942. Photo in the collection of the US Naval History & Heritage Command.

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Off Boston in October, 1942, this is the USS Chevalier (DD-451), one of the Fletcher-class destroyers. Laid down on 30 April, 1941, Chevalier commissioned on 20 July, 1942, and was sent to the Pacific at the end of the year, after warming up with two months of convoy duty in the Atlantic. She spent the next few months on minor operations, until she skirmished with Japanese destroyers and shore batteries on the night of 1 July, 1943. During the engagement, the USS Strong was torpedoed, and Chevalier deliberately rammed her. Under cover fire from the USS O'Bannon, survivors from Strong were then able to climb aboard Chevalier, who came away with a ten-foot hole in her bow. Chevalier skirmished with Japanese destroyers again on the night of 17 August, before making an escort run to Australia. She was back in the Solomons in time for the Battle of Vella Lavella on 6 October, 1943, during which she was torpedoed by the Japanese and accidentally rammed by O'Bannon. Chevalier was abandoned and scuttled, but not before finishing off the Japanese destroyer Yugumo with her torpedoes.

Bonus Photos

Chevalier at Tulagi, following the Battle of Kula Gulf. Damage to her bow from ramming USS Strong is plainly visible. Photo in the collection of the US Naval History & Heritage Command.