Ulyanovsk (1988)

Line drawings of the Ulyanovsk, created by the US Department of Defense. Note the unusual shape of the superstructure, and the missile launch ports on the flight deck. Original believed to be in the public domain.

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Throughout the Cold War, the USSR possessed few carriers. Their first was not commissioned until 1975, and few have been completed since. The Ulyanovsk-class were intended to help fill that gap. At 65,800 tons standard displacement, and 321m (1,054 feet) in length, the design was similar in size to the American Kitty Hawk-class, but only carried about sixty-eight aircraft to the Kitty Hawk's ninety. Compensating for the smaller air wing, were the usual Soviet load of P-700 anti-shipping missiles, as well as the SA-N-12 Buk surface-to-air missile, CADS-N-1 point defense system, and AK-630 CIWS. The first of two ships was laid down 25 November, 1988, with the name Ulyanovsk, Lenin's original name. Construction was cancelled in January, 1991, when the hull was only 40% complete, and the ship was scrapped in 1992. The second ship was never laid down.