Suomen Joutsen (1902)

Suomen Joutsen c.1934. This would be before her voyage into the Mediterranean from October, 1934, to May, 1935. Original in the public domain.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Launched in 1902, Laënnec is a square-rigged, three masted ship, with a steel hull. Her mainmast rises 170' 7" above the waterline, and she has an overall length of 315'. Originally used to haul cargo, Laënnec was armed with a pair of guns during World War I, in case of U-boats. She was put up for sale in 1920, and sold to a German company in 1922. Renamed Oldenburg, she became a school ship for the German merchant fleet. Oldenburg was sold to Finland in 1930 for 4,000,000 Finnish markkas, renamed Suomen Joutsen, and became a training ship for their Navy. During World War II, Suomen Joutsen was used as a supply and depot ship, first for submarines, and later motor torpedo boats. Post-War, she supported mine-clearing operations, and saw limited use in her old training role. She was finally stationed in Turku as a stationary training ship, thanks to the efforts of the Finnish Seamen's Union. In 1991, she was opened to the public as a museum ship, and has undergone routine drydockings for maintenance in 1998, 2006, and 2016.

Bonus Photos

Suomen Joutsen beautifully illuminated in October, 2005, alongside the Forum Marinum. Uploaded to Wikipedia by Tupsumato.