SS Hector (1924)

Hector in civilian service, date unknown. Original believed to be in the public domain.


SS Hector was a cargo liner, launched in Scotland 18 June, 1924. She operated between England and Asia until August, 1939, when she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy. Converted to an armed merchant cruiser, HMS Hector (F45) was given six 152mm (6") and two 76mm (3") guns, and commissioned 20 December. In January, 1940, she was sent to New Zealand, but transferred to Singapore in August. Hector fell back to the Indian Ocean with the rest of the British Fleet in early 1942, operating around India. She was slated to be decommissioned in April, and was being prepared for this on the 5th, when the Japanese conducted an air raid on the port of Colombo, Ceylon. Hector was hit by five bombs and abandoned, sinking several hours later. The wreck was raised and beached in 1946, but was determined to be not worth repairing. She was scrapped as she lay.