SMS Sankt Georg (1903)

Sankt Georg, c.1914. Photo featured in Moderne Illustrierte Zeitung.

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SMS Sankt Georg was the third armored cruiser built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy, and also the last. Laid down in 1901, she was a one-off design, with an 8,000 ton displacement, and a primary armament of two 24cm (9.4") and five 19cm (7.5") guns. She could make a respectable 22 knots. After her commissioning on 21 July, 1905, Sankt Georg largely served as a training ship until World War I. However, from April-May, 1907, Sankt Georg was sent to the United States to participate in the Jamestown Exposition. In 1915, she bombarded the Italian coast, and she forced the Allied fleet to break off the Battle of the Strait of Otranto. In February, 1918, Sankt Georg's crew began the Cattaro Mutiny, during which her captain was shot in the head, though he survived. Sankt Georg was subsequently decommissioned, along with a number of other older ships, and was awarded to the British as a war prize after the Armistice. Like many ex-Austro-Hungarian ships, Sankt Georg was sold to an Italian company and scrapped in 1920.