SMS Nürnberg (1906)

Nürnberg before the outbreak of World War I. Original in the public domain.

Ship Class
Laid Down

Commissioned 10 April, 1908, SMS Nürnberg was a Königsberg-class light cruiser. She served in home waters for the first two years, before she joined the East Asia Squadron in Tsingtao, China, under Maximilian von Spee. Nürnberg alternated picket duty off Mexico during their Revolution with SMS Leipzig, until the outbreak of World War I. Rendezvousing with the main squadron, Nürnberg headed south along Chile to make for the Atlantic, and home. Nürnberg missed the Battle of Coronel on 1 November, but finished off the crippled armored cruiser HMS Monmouth late in the day. As the squadron approached the Falkland Islands on 8 December, they were engaged by the British squadron lead by Vice Admiral Doveton Sturdee, with the battlecruisers HMS Invincible and HMS Inflexible. Nürnberg was sunk in the ensuing chase by HMS Kent, sister ship of the Monmouth that Nürnberg had sunk just a month before. Nürnberg hit Kent thirty-eight times, but caused little damage. Only seven of Nürnberg's crew survived the battle.