Panthir (1911)

Panthir, probably between her 1925 and 1942 refits. Believed to be Hellenic Navy photo, now in the public domain.

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The Greek destroyer Panthir was laid down in 1911, and commissioned in 1912. She was originally built in England under contract from Argentina, but the deal fell through, and the destroyers were quickly purchased by Greece for service in the First Balkan War. During the Balkan Wars, Panthir was classified as a scout, rather than a destroyer, due to the lack of available torpedoes. Like the rest of the Hellenic Navy, Panthir was seized by the French in October, 1916, due to the Greek reluctance to join World War I. She was returned in 1918, after Greece had joined the allies, and saw service in the Aegean on escort duty. From 1919-20, Panthir helped to evacuate Greeks from southern Russia during the Civil War, operating in the Black Sea continuously for 263 days, and went on to blockade duty in the Greco-Turkish War. Panthir underwent a refit from 1925-27, which saw her anti-air armament updated, and minelaying capability installed. She survived the German invasion of Greece in 1941, and was sent to the Indian Ocean, where she received further updates to her AA armament in 1942. She operated in the area for the rest of the war, returning home after Greece was liberated. Panthir was decommissioned in 1946, and broken up soon after.