Pagalo (PG-51)

Pagalo c.December, 2012. Two machine guns can be seen on the aft superstructure deck, with another weapon obscured by a crewman on the bow. Photo uploaded to Flickr by Carlos E. Pérez S.L.

Ship Class
Ship Type

This is the Pagalo (PG-51), a one-off patrol craft, and the first warship built in Venezuela. Commissioned in 2008, the 25 ton vessel has a crew of eleven, and a top speed of 27 knots. Although referred to as a warship, she is operated by the Venezuelan Coast Guard, and only armed with six machine guns and a 40mm grenade launcher. She is related to several other foreign designs, including the US Coast Guard's Marine Protector class cutters, through design links to the Dutch-based Damen Group.