P51 (2002)

P51, with her sister P52 in the background, during international maritime exercises in 2011. US Navy photo.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Commissioned 18 November, 2002, P51 was the first ship specifically built for the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta, rather than being a retired ship from another navy. Based on the Dutch Stan 2600 type, she was built in Louisiana, and has seen heavy use in maritime patrol and humanitarian missions. In her first ten years of service, P51 sailed over 52,000 nautical miles, and rescued some 2,100 people. Her most notable action was retaking the merchant ship Elhibru 1 on 28 March, which had been commandeered by migrants. Despite displacing only 92 tons, P51 has a range of 900 nautical miles, though she only carries supplies to stay at sea for five days with her crew of ten.