NRP Tridente (S160)

Tridente berthed in Lisbon, c.September, 2010. Photo uploaded to Flikr by Pedro Vilela.

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The Tridente (S160) is one of two submarines in commission with the Portuguese Navy. Laid down in 2005, Tridente commissioned in May, 2010. Tridente is an electrically-powered submarine: she has two diesel generators as a last resort, but she runs off of powercells, and these are recharged by hydrogen and liquid fuel. As is common with many smaller European navies, the design is German, built to order. Tridente has eight torpedo tubes, for the IF-21 Blackshark torpedo, and can also use the UGM-84, the submarine-launched version of the Harpoon anti-shipping missile. Her crew of thirty-three can remain at sea for forty-five days, but it only takes them fifteen to make a round trip from Lisbon to the Cape of Good Hope. Tridente got herself caught in the nets of the French fishing vessel Daytona in 2016, but the only damage was to the crew's pride.