Lemnos (1905)

Lemnos with torpedo boat Dafni alongside in Constantinople, 1919. US Navy photo.

Laid Down

Laid down in 1904, USS Idaho (BB-24) was commissioned in 1908, and served with the Atlantic squadron. After participating in the Mexican intervention, Idaho was decommissioned on 30 July, 1914, and commissioned into the Greek Navy as Lemnos. She was intended as a stop-gap until the two new dreadnoughts ordered by Greece were completed, but the orders were blocked upon the outbreak of World War I. Lemnos was seized by France with the rest of the Greek fleet in October, 1916, and was used as a harbor defense ship during World War I, with a skeleton crew. However, Lemnos was employed heavily during the intervention in the Russian Civil War, providing fire support to the White Russians in the Crimea. She also saw action during the Greco-Turkish War, covering landings, but the Ottoman fleet was still interned following World War I, so she saw no ship-to-ship combat. Some of her armor was removed in 1932, to build fortifications ashore, and in 1937, Lemnos was converted into a barracks ship, and disarmed. She served in this role until sunk at her moorings on 23 April, 1941, by Stuka dive-bombers during the German invasion. She was raised and scrapped post-war.