Isla de Cuba (1886)

Isla de Cuba in the late 1880s. Photo in the collection of the US Navy Historical Center.

Laid Down

Laid down 25 February, 1886, Isla de Cuba was a protected cruiser built in the UK for Spain. Commissioned in late 1887, Isla de Cuba was based in Spain until 1896, when she was dispatched to the Philippines to help quell the rebellion there. Isla de Cuba was still there when Dewey's squadron arrived on the morning of 1 May, 1898, but suffered little damage from their gunfire. She was scuttled after the battle to prevent capture, and the Americans set her on fire. However, she was raised, repaired, and recommissioned as USS Isla de Cuba 11 April, 1900. She was once again stationed in the Philippines to quell rebellion, but was sent to the US in March, 1904. Decommissioned 9 June, she was loaned to Maryland as a training ship, then sold to Venezuela as Mariscal Sucre, 2 April, 1912. Mariscal Sucre was decommissioned in 1940, and subsequently scrapped.

Bonus Photos

The scuttles Isla de Cuba after the Battle of Manila Bay. Photo in the collection of the US Navy History & Heritage Command.