HMS Temeraire

Temeraire depicted in Harper's Monthly Magazine, February, 1886. Copyright expired.

Ship Class
Laid Down

Laid down in 1873, HMS Temeraire was a one-off ironclad. Commissioned 31 August, 1877, she had a mixed mounting for her armament. While most of her guns were mounted in the traditional broadside arrangement, Temeraire carried two 11" guns in centerline-mounted barbettes, allowing them a wide arc of fire. She was the first British ship to carry guns in this manner. Temeraire was also the largest ship to carry a brig rig, all sails on only two masts, due to the mizzen mast being eliminated to fit the aft barbette. This earned her the nickname The Great Brig. Temeraire saw extensive service in the Mediterranean, including the Bombardment of Alexandria, this day in 1882, and was the last Royal Navy ship to visit Crete under sail power alone. By 1891, Temeraire was being rapidly outpaced by new advances in naval technology, and she was placed in reserve. She found a new lease on life as a depot ship in 1902, and became the flagship of Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth from October, 1902. Renamed Indus II in 1904, she was used to train stokers, and saw further service as a depot ship during WWI. Renamed Akbar, she was sold for scrap in 1921.