HMS Stonehenge (P232)

Stonehenge around the time of her commissioning. Photo in the collection of the Imperial War Museums.

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HMS Stonehenge (P232) was a submarine of the second S-class. Laid down 4 April, 1942, Stonehenge commissioned 15 June, 1943. Armed with seven 21" torpedo tubes and a 3" gun, Stonehenge had a cruise range of 6,000 nautical miles and could make 10 knots submerged. Stonehenge conducted her first patrol off Norway in September, before heading to the Pacific via the Mediterranean. She arrived in Ceylon in January, 1944, and began her next patrol on 1 February. Stonehenge scored two kills, and sent a landing party ashore in Siam for demolitions work, before returning to port on the 18th. She disappeared during her next patrol, probably having been sunk by a mine in March, 1944. Her wreck has not been located.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: The losses of the S-class were so appalling, they had a song parody made about them. Of the original twelve, only three survived the War. The subs that did survive the War continued on in service with the Royal Navy, with the last retired in 1965.