HMS Oscar II (1905)

Oscar II, date unknown. Photo in the collection of the Swedish Maritime Museum.

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Laid Down

HMS Oscar II was a Swedish coast defense ship, commissioned 3 April, 1907. Displacing 4,600 tons, Oscar was 95.6m (313.6 feet) long, and capable of 18 knots. Her armament and armor were along the lines of typical armored cruisers, with a pair of 210mm (8.3") guns serving as the main weapons. Oscar Initially served as flagship of the Swedish Navy, spending much of her time showing the flag around the Baltic and North Seas, and even venturing to the Mediterranean. Oscar received a tripod mast in 1910, and her secondary battery was given AA capabilities during World War I. Her main participation in World War I was the Ă…land Islands dispute in early 1918. Oscar helped land Swedish troops on the islands in February, and remained as part of a display of force until May. Oscar was decommissioned in September, and underwent a thorough overhaul. During the next two decades, she was mainly used for training, but visited Portsmouth, England, in 1935. Oscar was again modernized before World War II, but saw no action during Sweden's neutrality. Oscar's final notable task was to bring home the body of Prince Gustaf Adolf, who had died in an airplane crash in Copenhagen. She decommissioned 24 February, 1950, but was used for training until 11 September, 1974, when Oscar was sold for scrapping.