HMS Maori (F24)

Pre-War photo of Maori underway. Note the different sizes of the fore and aft funnels. Photo in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Ship Type
Laid Down

The Tribal-class destroyer HMS Maori (F24) was laid down in 1936, and commissioned 5 December, 1938. She was assigned to the same division as HMS Cossack, and joined the Mediterranean Fleet, where she spent most of her career. After returning to England in October, 1939, Maori participated in the Norwegian campaign, and did a stint hunting raiders in the North Atlantic. Her most famous action was in 1941, when she harassed the German battleship Bismarck over the night of 26-27 May, along with the rest of her division. She scored no hits, but contributed to the German crew's fatigue during the final action the next day, and helped vector in the British battleships for the kill. After Bismarck went down, Maori rescued some of the survivors. Back in the Mediterranean, Maori participated in the five-minute rout of the Italians at Cape Bon on 13 December, 1941, and continued escort duties until sunk by German air attack in Malta's Grand Harbor on 12 February, 1942.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Maori was raised in July, 1945, and then scuttled in deeper water. She broke apart under tow, with the stern sinking in deep water, but the bow is in only 46 feet (14m) of water. As a result, she is a popular dive site.