HMS Lenox (1678)

HMS Lenox, dismasted at center, fighting the Spanish ship of the line Princesa (right), along with HMS Kent and HMS Oxford. Painting by Ángel Cortellini Sánchez, c.1903. Original in the collection of the Naval Museum of Madrid.

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HMS Lenox was a 70-gun third-rate ship of the line, launched 18 April, 1678. She was rebuilt twice during her service, in 1701 and 1721-23, but unlike other rebuilds of the period, she maintained the same number of guns throughout. She also was one of the ships that survived the Scilly naval disaster in 1707, avoiding running onto the rocks in a storm. Lenox had a penchant for fighting the Spanish, including the 1702 attack on Cadiz, the 1704 capture of Gibralter, and the capture of the 68-gun Princesa in 1740. Lenox was badly damaged during the fight with Princesa, but only lost one man killed. Lenox was scuttled as a breakwater in 1756, but there are plans to build a sailing replica of her, based in a new museum near the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.