HMS Gnat (T60)

Gnat in China, c.1922. Note the awnings spread over her decks to keep the heat off. Photo in the collection of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Ship Type

HMS Gnat (T60) was an Insect-class gunboat, launched in 1915. She supported the British operations along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers during World War I, and was sent to China in the 1920s. On 24 March, 1927, Gnat was part of a joint Anglo-American flotilla that bombarded the city of Nanking to cover the evacuation of foreign citizens in the face of rioting by the Chinese. Gnat remained in China until relieved in 1940, and was redeployed to the Mediterranean. She covered the assault on Tobruk by the 6th Australian Division on 21 January, 1941, but was torpedoed on 21 October. She was beached, and used as an anti-aircraft platform for the rest of the War. Gnat was scrapped in 1945.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: In 1936, Gnat acquired a purebred Pointer named Judy.