HMS Bonaventure (31)

Bonaventure in October, 1940. Believed to be Royal Navy photo.

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Laid down in August, 1937, HMS Bonaventure (31) was a Dido-class light cruiser. Commissioned 24 May, 1940, she was shortly involved in Operation Fish, the evacuation of British wealth to Canada. After her return, Bonaventure finished working up off Scapa Flow, in the Orkneys, and supported raids on shipping off Norway in September and October. She participated in the hunt for the heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer in November, after the cruiser attacked a convoy, but met with no success. Bonaventure was more successful in helping to ward another convoy from the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper in December. Subsequently transferring to the Mediterranean, Bonaventure sank the Italian torpedo boat Vaga on 10 January, 1941. However, on 31 March, 1941, Bonaventure was herself torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine Ambra south of Crete. 139 of her 480 crew went down with her.