HMS Audacious (1912)

Audacious, sometime during her brief career. Photo in the collections of the US Library of Congress.

Laid Down

Last of the four King George V-class dreadnought battleships, HMS Audacious was laid down in 1911. Commissioned in August, 1913, she joined the 1st Division, 2nd Battle Squadron, on Trafalgar Day that year. In June, 1914, she was representing the British at the opening ceremony for the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. She participated in readiness maneuvers in July and August, until the outbreak of War, and received a short refit in September. During gunnery training on 27 October, 1914, Audacious struck a mine off Loch na Keal, Ireland. She did not capsize for another twelve hours, and remained afloat until 9 o'clock that evening. She only lost one man in the sinking.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Most of Audacious' crew were taken aboard the RMS Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic.