Ersatz Monarch class (1914)

Line Drawings of the Ersatz Monarch class that appeared in the 1992 Warships International No. 4.


With a standard displacement of 27,000 tons, ten 350mm (14") guns, and a top speed of 21 knots, the Austro-Hungarian Ersatz Monarch class dreadnoughts would have posed a serious threat to the other Mediterranean navies. Designed to replace the Monarch-class (hence the name, Improved Monarch), the class of four were ordered in May, 1914, with final design approval coming in July. The class would have been smaller, slower, and less well armed than the British Queen Elizabeth class superdreadnoughts under construction in British yards, but easily outclassed the Italian Andrea Doria and Conti de Cavour classes entering service. Construction was suspended at the outbreak of war in July, 1914, and cancelled in 1917.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: The ten guns for the first ship were completed during the war, and four were handed over to the Austrian Army for use on the Italian front, where they were fired in combat.