EML Sulev (1916)

Sulev in the 1920s. Author unknown, believed to be in the public domain.

Ship Class
Ship Type

SMS A32 was completed for the Imperial German Navy in 1916. She was assigned to Operation Albion, to occupy islands in the Baltic, in the Fall of 1917, but was sunk off the coast of Estonia. The Estonians raised her in 1923, and put her into service as Sulev. Sulev became the Estonian Navy flagship in 1933, holding this position until the Soviets took over. Supposedly she was sunk by a Soviet submarine 10 December, 1938, but was once again raised and repaired, taking part in the hunt for the Polish submarine Orzel in September, 1939. She was taken over by the Soviets in 1940, when they occupied the country, and renamed Ametist. Ametist maintained operations in the Baltic during World War II, but ran aground in mid-1942, badly damaging the propeller shaft and turbines. Repairs were of poor quality, and the ship was never the same. Ametist was used as a floating barracks in Leningrad post-War, and was scrapped in the late 1950s.