Borodino (1901)

Borodino in Kronshtadt, Russia, in August, 1904, just after completion. Photo in the collection of the US Navy History & Heritage Command.

Ship Class
Laid Down

Lead ship of a class of five Russian-built battleships, Borodino was laid down in 1900. He completed in August, 1904, after the outbreak of war with Japan, and his first assignment was to head to Asia to break the blockade of Port Arthur. Borodino departed in October, and engaged British fishing trawlers off the Dogger Bank, nearly starting a war with the British Empire. Borodino was part of the squadron that headed around Africa after being denied passage through the Suez Canal, and then transited the Indian Ocean to reach the Pacific. Arriving in the Tsushima Straits on 27 May, 1905, after a grueling ordeal, he was badly hit early on during the ensuing Battle of Tsushima. After falling out of formation, then managing to rejoin, Borodino was blown up from a chain reaction that started in ready ammunition, and spread to his magazines. There was only one survivor out of 855 crew.