Borea (1927)

Borea underway, probably in the 1930s. Photo by Ernesto Burzagli.

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Borea was an Italian Turbine-class destroyer, commissioned in 1927. Despite being 150 tons overweight, Borea could clock in between 33 and 36.5 knots. The popular 120mm (4.7") gun constituted the main armament, in two twin mounts, with a pair of 533mm (21") triple torpedo tubes, and three 40mm/39 AA guns. Up to fifty-two mines could be carried. Borea saw service in the Spanish Civil War, conducting recon and blockade missions on behalf of the Nationalists between 1936 and 1938. In 1939, Borea supported the Italian invasion of Albania. After Italy joined World War II, Borea was assigned to convoy duty between Italy and Libya. This continued until September, when an air raid by Swordfish from HMS Illustrious caught her in Benghazi harbor, in the early hours of the 17th. A bomb penetrated Borea and detonated deep within the ship, breaking her in two and sinking the destroyer. Surprisingly, there was only one fatality.

Bonus Photos

Borea's launching ceremony, 28 January, 1927. Note the very straight bow. Probably Regia Marina photo, now in the public domain.