BNS Somudra Joy (F-28)

Jarvis, participating in RIMPAC 2005. US Coast Guard photo.

Laid Down

The US Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis (WHEC-725) was laid down in 1970, as a member of the Hamilton-class. Commissioned in 1972, she served in the Coast Guard for forty years, receiving a major modernization in 1990-92. Decommissioning in September, 2012, Jarvis was transferred to Bangladesh in 2013, and was renamed BNS Somudro Joy (F-28). Now rated as a frigate, she was diverted on the way to her new home, stopping in the Philippines in November, 2013, to assist in distributing supplies in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Officially commissioned 23 December, Somudra Joy has spent most of her time undertaking training cruises, and participating in international fleet exercises. In December, 2014, she brought relief supplies to the Maldives to help alleviate a drinking water shortage.

Bonus Photos

Somudro Joy visiting Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in November, 2013. US Navy photo.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: As Jarvis, she was named for Captain David H. Jarvis of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, who led the Overland Relief Expedition to bring supplies to 265 whalers who had been stranded in the ice off the northern Alaskan coast during the winter of 1897-8.