BNS Nirmul (P813)

Nirmul at low speed, c.2013. Hard to see against the background in this picture, note the 76.2mm gun on the foredeck, and one of the 20mm Oerlikon mounts atop the superstructure, midships. Photo uploaded to Wikipedia by user Sf-000.

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Nirmul (P813) is a Bangladeshi Navy Durjoy-class large patrol craft. Launched 27 September, 2012, she commissioned alongside her sister Durjoy on 29 August, 2013. Built in China, Nirmul is 64.2m (211 feet) long, and displaces around 650 tons, but packs a lot of firepower. In addition to her H/PJ-26 76.2mm gun on the foredeck, Nirmul packs a quartet of C-704 anti-shipping missiles, two twin Oerlikon 20mm cannons, and two 6-tube EDS-25A 250mm ASW rocket launchers. Top speed is 28 knots, and she carries a crew of sixty. In 2014 Nirmul was deployed to Lebanon to assist UN operations there. She remained on station until 2018, paying port calls to India and Sri Lanka on the return voyage.