ARA San Juan (S-42)

San Juan, date unknown. Photo from

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Built in Germany for the Argentine Navy, ARA San Juan was a TR-1700-class diesel-electric submarine. 67.3m (216'4") long, she was capable of 25 knots submerged, making her one of the fastest diesel subs. She carried six 21" torpedo tubes in the bow, with twenty-two torpedoes on board. She participated in exercises with the US Navy in 1994, successfully "sinking" the command ship USS Mount Whitney. San Juan was modernized from 2008 to 2013, with new engines and batteries installed. most of her time was spent monitoring for illegal fishing activities. While northbound, en route to the Mar del Plata naval base, contact with San Juan was lost in November, 2017. Explosions were detected in the vicinity, and she was declared lost on the 24th. The wreck was found the following September, completely destroyed, with wreckage spread over a wide area of the seafloor.