Amelia (1632)

Aemilia, in the center foreground, as the fleets prepare to engage in the Battle of the Downs, 21 October, 1639. Oil painting by Reinier Nooms, now in the collection of the National Maritime Museum.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Built by Jan Salomonszoon van den Tempel for the Admiralty of Rotterdam, at the time of her launch in 1632, Aemilia was the largest Dutch warship ever constructed. Rated for 57 guns, Aemilia is known to have carried four 36-pound cannons, eleven 24-pounders, twelve each 18- and 12-pounders, and nine 6-pounders. She displaced 300 tons, and was 40.74m (133 feet) long on her main gun deck, with a crew of 190. Aemilia spent most of her active time serving as flagship for various admirals, and was the flagship of Admiral Maarten Tromp at the Battle of the Downs, 21 October, 1639. Aemilia was damaged in a storm in 1643, while conveying Queen Henrietta Marie to the Netherlands from England. It is unknown if she was repaired before her sale to the French in 1647, but they put her back into service, and she operated in the Mediterranean as a privateer, until captured by the Spanish. Aemilia was broken up in Naples around 1651.