USS Monadnock (BM-3)

Monadnock off China, c.1901. Note the very low main deck. Photo in the collection of the National Archives at College Park.

Ship Class
Ship Type
Laid Down

Laid down 23 June, 1874, a lack of funding and political issues kept USS Monadnock from being commissioned until February, 1896. Initially deployed off California, Monadnock was sent to join Commodore Dewey in the Philippines in June, 1898. The crossing took her just under two months, but she was able to provide fire support during several battles of the Philippine-American War. Monadnock spent the first five years of the new century in Chinese rivers, the Yangtze in particular, and was frequently stationed off the international settlement in Shanghai. Monadnock decommissioned in 1909, and remained in the Philippines. She was recommissioned as a reserve unit in 1911, but resumed full operations the next year, operating as a support and target towing ship for submarines. She decommissioned again in 1919, and was sold for scrap in 1923.

Bonus Photos

Monadnock en route across the Pacific to the Philippines in 1898. Note the water flowing off the deck, and the high railings for the crew on deck to grab. Photo in the collection of the US Navy Historical Center.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Monadnock had been ordered as a reconstruction of a Civil War-era monitor, but that ship was so badly rusted, that she was scrapped instead. The US Navy took a page out of the Austrian's playbook, and reused the same name and some of the same materials to try and fool Congress. it was partially successful, until they came up short on funds, and had to go ask for a larger allotment.