Tokitsukaze (1939)

Tokitsukaze fatally damaged and under air attack during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Note the oil leaking from her hull. Believed to be USAAF photo.

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Tokitsukaze was the tenth of nineteen Kagero-class destroyers. Commissioned 15 December, 1940, she was part of the screen for the carrier Ryūjō during the invasion of the Philippines in December, 1941. In the next few months, Tokitsukaze moved South, participating in the invasion of the Dutch East Indies, and seeing action at the Battle of the Java Sea. She followed this up with anti-submarine patrols and the invasion of New Guinea, before returning to Japan for an overhaul. Tokitsukaze was part of the escort for the invasion force during the Battle of Midway. She was back as Ryūjō's escort in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, where the carrier was lost to air attack. She escorted Zuikaku back to Japan after the Battle of Santa Cruz in October, and spent several months training. Back in the Solomons, Tokitsukaze was part of the force that sank US PT-Boats 43 and 112 on 10 January, 1943, and was used in the evacuation of Guadalcanal through the end of February. On 3 March, 1943, Tokitsukaze was disabled by air attack in the running Battle of the Bismarck Sea, and abandoned. She was discovered the next morning by Allied aircraft and sunk.