Smyshlenyy (1940)

Smyshlenyy, date unknown. Image believed to be in the public domain.

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Smyshlenyy (trans.: Clever) was a Project 7U, or Soobrazitelnyy class, destroyer built in the Ukraine for service with the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. Originally laid down as a standard Project 7, he was rebuilt from the ground up as a 7U beginning in 1938. Commissioned 10 November, 1940, he soon saw service in the Great Patriotic War against the invading German forces. Shortly after the start of the German invasion, Smyshlenyy participated in the unsuccessful raid on Constanta, Romania. While he managed to escape damage, two other Russian destroyers were not so fortunate, one of them sinking. Smyshlenyy saw limited action during the Siege of Odessa, due to inactivity from the Romanian Navy, but likely helped in the evacuation of Soviet forces from the city. He fell back to help defend Sevastopol, but ran afoul of a "friendly" minefield on 6 March, 1942, going down on the 7th with all but two crew, with most of them killed by the explosion of his depth charges as the ship sank.