SMS Von der Tann (1909)

Von der Tann featured in the Journal of United States Artillery, volume 36, in 1911.

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SMS Von der Tann, the first battlecruiser of the Kaiser's navy, was laid down in 1908. She was the fastest of her kind at the time of her completion, capable of reaching 27 knots. After completion, Von der Tann toured South America, as an advertising campaign for German shipyards in the South American naval arms race. Von der Tann was assigned to I Scouting Group at the outbreak of World War I, and covered the retreat of the german cruisers from the First Battle of Heligoland Bight in August. She participated in the raids on the English coast in November and December, but was under refit at the time of the Battle of Dogger Bank. Von der Tann skirmished with Russian ships in August, 1915, and was present for the Battle of Jutland, where she is credited with sinking the battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable, while all of her own main battery turrets were disabled during the fighting. Von der Tann saw no further combat, and at wars end she was interred in Scapa Flow. She was scuttled with the bulk of the German fleet on 21 June, 1919. Her wreck was raised in 1930, and scrapped in Scotland by 1934.