Shtorm (1929)

Shtorm in the 1930s. Note the low freeboard on the main deck, particularly at the stern. Photo may be of sistership Vikhr. Original believed to be in the public domain.

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Шторм (Shtorm/Storm) was a Soviet Uragan-class guardship, laid down in 1927, and commissioned 5 March, 1932. Built in Nikolayev in the Ukraine, he operated with the Black Sea Fleet. Shtorm was laid up with engine trouble in 1939, and was still undergoing repairs when the Germans invaded. With repairs still unfinished, he helped escort ships into and out of Sevastopol while the city was besieged by the Germans. He provided gunfire support against the German 11th Army in December, and conducted more escort work in 1942. His hard work was finally rewarded with completion of repairs in June, and then supported the landings at Novorossisk in 1943, but was in poor condition. Nonetheless, Shtorm was still on escort duty in 1944, when he was torpedoed by U-9 on 11 May. Shtorm survived, and was towed into port. Post-War, Shtorm is known to have been stricken in 1959, but details on the class as a whole are lacking and often contradictory. If Shtorm was repaired, he probably did some time as a training ship, before scrapping.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: The Uragan-class was known as the Bad Weather Flotilla by their Soviet crews, due to their weather-related names.