Queen Anne's Revenge (1710)

Engraving of Queen Anne's Revenge, from c.1736. Original in the public domain.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Launched in 1710, the frigate Concord served as a British ship until captured by the French in 1711. Converted to hold more cargo, including slaves, she was renamed La Concorde de Nantes, and served in this capacity until 1717, when she was captured by Edward Teach on the 28th of November. "Blackbeard" renamed the ship Queen Anne's Revenge, and outfitted her with forty cannons. He continued to use her as his flagship until she ran aground in Beaufort Inlet in May, 1718, and was abandoned. There is some thought that Blackbeard may have deliberately wrecked the ship in order to disperse the crew while attempting to gain a pardon for his illicit activities. Her wreck was believed to have been discovered on 21 November, 1996, and the National Geographic Society confirmed the identification in August, 2011.