Pori (83)

Pori in Helsinki's South Harbor, c.2010. Photo uploaded to Wikipedia by user MKFI.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Fourth of the Hamina-class missile boats, Pori (83) was ordered in February, 2005, and commissioned barely over a year later on 19 June, 2006. With her three sisters, Pori forms Laivue 2000 (Squadron 2000, for those of us who do not speak Finnish), homeported at Upinniemi, Finland. Pori is armed with a 57mm Bofors on the bow, supplementing her primary armament of four RBS-15 Mk3 anti-shipping missiles, and Umkhonto-IR surface-to-air missiles, the former a Swedish design, the latter from South Africa. Pori is built with largely composite materials, resulting in low radar and magnetic signatures. She also has the ability to mask her thermal signature by spraying herself with seawater, and venting exhaust gases into the sea. All of this in a 250 ton displacement 51m (167 feet) long, that can make better than 30 knots.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Pori's operating system is based on Linux.