MV Alexia (1934)

Alexia after her conversion to a MAC, c.1943. Photo in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.


Built in the mid-1930s, MV Alexia was completed in April, 1935. The tanker was operated by the Royal Dutch/Shell line, and survived attacks by German U-boats in 1940 and 1942. In 1943, she underwent conversion to a MAC (Merchant Aircraft Carrier) ship. As a MAC, Alexia continued to operate as a tanker, but had a new flight deck added on top. She had no hangar, and only carried Naval personnel for her air wing, which consisted of four Fairey Swordfish biplanes. Alexia served as a MAC from December, 1943, through the end of the war, whereupon she was reconverted to a tanker. Alexia was renamed Ianthina in 1951, and broken up in 1954.