Kunming (DDG-172)

Kunming in 2014, at Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai, China. Original uploaded to wikimedia by user 海防先锋.

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Kunming (DDG-172) is the lead ship of the Type 052D guided missile destroyers. Commissioned 21 March, 2014, Kunming is assigned to the South Sea Fleet, keeping an eye on Vietnam and China's other neighbors in the area. Displacing 7,500 tons, Kunming has an admitted top speed of 31 knots, and a crew of 280. A 130mm dual-purpose H/PJ-45A gun is mounted on the bow, and the destroyer has a 64-cell vertical launch system capable of carrying missiles for every occasion (ship, air, land, and submarine targets). These are supplemented by a number of close-in weapons, including two 30mm guns, a 30mm CIWS gattling, close range SAMs, six torpedo tubes, and four eighteen-tube decoy rocket launchers. All this can be further enhanced by a helicopter, which can include the new Zhi-20. In October, 2015, Kunming was deployed to Chinese-held islands in the South China Sea, to shadow an American destroyer that was probing the area.