KNM Hinnøy (M343)

Hinnøy visiting Liverpool, England, in 2013. Photo uploaded to Wikimedia by Harrias.

Ship Class
Ship Type

This is the Oksøy-class mine-hunter Hinnøy (M343), of the Norwegian Navy. She uses a fibre-reinforced plastic shell on her catamaran hull to reduce magnetic signature. She also is part hovercraft, using a rubber skirt between the two hulls and a pair of huge fans to lift almost the entire ship out of the water. Built in the mid-90s, Hinnøy was the last of the four to complete, and she is still in service. Defensive weapons include the Sadral surface-to-air missile (a variant of the Mistral), up to two Rheinmetall 20 mm autocannons, and a pair of 12.7mm (0.5 inch) machine guns.