Kalinin (1986)

Kalinin in February, 1991. US Department of Defense photo.

Laid Down

Laid down 17 May, 1983, Kalinin was the third of the Kirov-class nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser. Kalinin commissioned 30 December, 1988, and joined the Northern Fleet, even though he was apparently assigned to the Pacific. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Kalinin didn't get to sea much, but he made a voyage to the Mediterranean in 1991. Like the rest of the class, he was renamed after the fall of the Soviet Union, becoming Admiral Nakhimov in April, 1992. In 1999, he was docked for the long haul, in need of major repair work. Work began slowly in 2006, which includes repair work and upgrades to the weapon systems. Completion was delayed several times as funds run short, and priorities changed, but the current projection is for work to be completed in 2021-22, with subsequent assignment to the Pacific Fleet.