Izyaslav (1915)

Izyaslav, c.1921. Note the Imperial Russian naval jack on the forestaff, meaning he had not yet been taken over by the Soviets. Original in the public domain.

Ship Class
Ship Type

Launched 27 June, 1915, Izyaslav was the name ship of a class of Russian destroyers displacing 1,460 tons. Capable of 33 knots, he carried four 102mm (4") guns, two machine guns, and nine 457mm (18") torpedo tubes in triple mountings. He could also embark up to eighty mines. Construction was delayed when machinery ordered from Switzerland was embargoed at the outbreak of World War I, requiring replacements to be ordered from England. Izyaslav served in the Baltic Fleet for his career, being renamed Karl Marx some time after the Revolution. He saw action during the early part of World War II, but was sunk on 8 August, 1941, probably by German air attack.