INS Vikramaditya (R33)

In 1989, while still named Baku. US Navy photo.

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Laid down in 1978 as the fourth Kiev-class "aircraft-carrying cruiser", Baku commissioned into the Soviet Navy on 11 December, 1987. He carried the same air wing as his sisters, but shipped a different armament and electronics suite as a testbed for the follow-on Admiral Kuznetsov. After the Soviets lost the city of Baku during the breakup, the ship was renamed Admiral Gorshkov in 1991. The ship suffered a boiler explosion in 1994, spending the next year undergoing repairs, and was decommissioned in 1996. Sold to India in January, 2004, the carrier was renamed Vikramaditya, and commissioned into the Indian Navy on 16 November, 2013, after several years of modernization. She visited Sri Lanka in January, 2016, marking the first time an Indian warship had visited in thirty years. She began her first overhaul in September, 2016, which was completed a month early. January, 2020, saw Vikramaditya used as the testbed for the new HAL Tejas multirole aircraft, marking the first time an Indian-designed aircraft had operated from an Indian carrier.

Bonus Photos

During sea trials with the Indian Navy as Vikramaditya, in 2013. Indian Navy photo.

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Fun Fact: In January, 2017, Vikramaditya became the first Indian Navy ship with an on-board ATM.