Hr.Ms. Evertsen (D802)

Scourge at low speed, c.1943. Photo in the collection of the Imperial War Museums.

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Commissioned 14 July, 1943, HMS Scourge (G01) was a S-class destroyer. She spent time on the Arctic convoys, but managed to miss action during the Battle of North Cape, despite being part of the escort for convoy JW-55B. Scourge also provided support for the Normandy Invasion. On 1 February, 1946, Scourge was sold to the Dutch, and renamed Evertsen (D802). This photo shows Evertsen in Japan in 1951, during her deployment to Korea with UN forces. Evertsen notably provided gunfire support during the Battle of Pusan Perimeter in August and September, 1950. Evertsen was converted to a frigate in 1957, and returned to the Far East in the early 1960s, due to rising tensions with Indonesia around New Guinea. On 15 January, 1962, Evertsen intercepted three Indonesian torpedo boats that had fired on a Dutch P-2 Neptune while probing the waters around New Guinea. Evertsen sank one of the torpedo boats, and other Dutch ships and a reef got the other two. Evertsen was retired by early 1963, and sold for scrap that July.

Bonus Photos

Evertsen resting at Yokosuka, Japan, in January, 1951, during her deployment to Korea. Photo in the collection of the US Navy History & Heritage Command.