HMS Swordfish (61S)

Swordfish, c.1939. Photo in the collection of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Ship Type
Laid Down

This is the Group 1 S-class submarine HMS Swordfish (61S). She was laid down in 1930, and commissioned 28 November, 1932. Mounting six 21" (533mm) torpedo tubes, Swordfish could make 10 knots submerged. At the outbreak of World War II in Europe, Swordfish was part of the 2nd Submarine Flotilla, and began her first of twelve patrols on 1 September. Swordfish sank one ship, a yacht that was fleeing to England, after taking off the crew, but was attacked twice by "friendly" aircraft. She left for her last war patrol on 7 November, 1940, and wasn't seen again until 1983, when her wreck was found in about 150 feet (46m) of water by a civilian diver. Her loss has been attributed to a mine, and the wreck declared a protected place under the Protection of Military Remains Act of 1986.