HMS Royalist (1883)

Royalist in Sydney Harbour, c.1890. Photo in the collection of the Australian War Memorial.

Ship Class
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Laid Down

HMS Royalist was a Satellite-class screw sloop, laid down 27 April, 1881. Built with a barque sailing rig, Royalist was re-rated as a corvette with the rest of her class, before she entered service. Commissioned 14 April, 1886, Royalist was stationed in South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope for two years, before she was sent to Australia. Royalist conducted surveys of several island groups in the southwest Pacific, and was employed on a punitive expedition to New Georgia in the Solomons, after some of the locals murdered a trader in 1891. She was used to claim the Gilbert Islands as a British Protectorate the following year, and returned to England in late 1899. She was hulked in the following February, and was used as a harbor service ship from then on. On 1 December, 1913, she was renamed Colleen, so her original name could be used for a new light cruiser. Colleen was transferred to Irish service 19 February, 1923, and remained with them until she was broken up in 1950.