HMS Roberts (F40)

Roberts moored c.1942. Note the resemblance to the Nelson-class superdreadnoughts. Photo in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Ship Type
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HMS Roberts (F40) was one of the last ships designated as a Monitor-type. Designed for close gunfire support missions, Roberts had a shallow draft of 3.4m (11'), but a beam of 27.36m (89'9"). This compromise allowed her to get close to shore, while still maintaining stability. Roberts provided gunfire support for the landings in North Africa, Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, and on Walcheren Island. She was sent to the Indian Ocean in 1945, in anticipation of supporting the liberation of Singapore, but Japan surrendered before her 12.5 knot top speed could reach the area. Roberts was sold for scrap post-war, but the Navy changed their minds and Roberts was used as an accomodation ship at Devonport. In 1965, she was again sold for scrap, and broken up that August.

Bonus Photos

15" guns on display outside the Imperial War Museum, London in 2008. The far one was used by Roberts after it was passed on from HMS Ramillies, the nearer one was used by HMS Resolution. Author photo.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: One of the 15" guns outside the Imperial War Museum was mounted on the Roberts, after having been used by the Royal Soverign-class battleship Resolution.