HMS Hastings (L27)

Hastings at anchor, c.December, 1942. Royal Navy photo in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

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HMS Hastings (L27) was the lead ship of the Hastings-class sloops. Built in Davenport, Hastings was laid down in 1929, and commissioned the following year. She initially operated in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, but returned home for assignment to the Fishery Protection Squadron in 1937. She received ASDIC in 1939. From October, 1939 thru June, 1941, Hastings operated off the East coast of England as convoy escort, during which time she was rammed twice by friendly ships. Her pennant number changed to U27 in May, 1940. She was transferred first to the Western Approaches, and then to further convoy escort missions until late 1943. Hastings was one of the first ships attacked by the new Hs 293 glide bomb, twice in August, 1943, though she evaded the weapons both times. She was retired in November, being deemed too old to serve in the war, and was re-fitted as a target for submarine training. She served in this role from October, 1944, until February, 1946, and was sold and scrapped that April.