HMS Glatton (1914)

Glatton, date unknown. IWM photo SP 2595.

Laid Down

HNoMS Bjørgvin was the lead ship of two coast defense ships built in the UK for Norway. Laid down in 1913, she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, and renamed HMS Glatton. Despite being launched in August, 1914, it took nearly four more years to complete Glatton, and she commissioned 31 August, 1918. Glatton was immediately sent to Dover in preparation for an offensive planned for late September. However, on the 16th, one of Glatton's 6" gun magazines exploded, starting uncontrollable fires. In order to prevent the fires from detonating the remaining magazines and possibly setting off an ammunition ship nearby, the crew flooded her forward magazines, but could not reach the aft ones. The ship had to be scuttled by destroyer torpedoes. Glatton was relocated in December, 1925, and is now buried under the car ferry terminal.

Bonus Photos

Glatton in drydock. Note the very large anti-torpedo bulges, which ended up working a little too well. IWM photo SP 2083.